Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98%

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
food grade
Transport Package
25kg drum

Product Description

Product Description


Soy Lecithin High Potency, also known as soy lecithin high potency, is a by-product of the refining process of soybean oil, which is extracted by solvent extraction, centrifugation and then rinsed with alcohol. The granulated soybean lecithin on the market is the phospholipid precipitated from soybean oil during the degumming process, and then processed and dried. Pure soy lecithin is brown-yellow waxy solid, easy to absorb water into brown-black glue, easy to oxidize, from brown-yellow gradually brown to brown-black; Soy lecithin contains lecithin, cephalin, etc., which has the effect of delaying aging and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Soy lecithin can enhance the ability of cell information transmission, thereby improving brain vitality, improve the cell membrane self-repair ability to protect the liver.


Soybean lecithin is the essence substance extracted from soybean. It is also one of the lipid components needed by the human body, and is mainly used in industry as emulsifier, moisturizer, thickener, etc. At the same time, there are nutritional supplements. Most importantly, there are other physiological regulatory effects. And the main action depends on phosphatidylcholine, that is, the core of this part of the action is the true lecithin part. 
1. Delay aging
The human body consists of 60 trillion cells. Half a million die in a second, and half a million are born. As we age, more cells die and fewer cells regenerate. When the number of cells dying is greater than the number of cells regenerating, a person begins to age. The metabolic process of cells is regulated by the cell membrane, and the health of the cell membrane is directly related to the cell's self-repair ability, information transmission ability, ability to resist external invasion, cell activity and regeneration ability. The cell membrane is mainly composed of lecithin, and supplementing lecithin to the human body means that it can repair the damaged cell membrane, improve the function of the cell membrane, soften and rejuvenate the cell membrane, and increase cell activity. Through the uptake of lecithin, it can improve the metabolic capacity of the human body, self-healing ability and the regeneration ability of antibody tissues, enhance the life vitality of the human body, and fundamentally delay the aging of the human body.
2, vascular scavenger, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Lecithin can emulsify, decompose oil, and emulsify cholesterol and fat attached to blood vessel walls into micro-particles, which dissolve in the blood and be transported back to the liver for metabolism. Soften blood vessels, improve serum lipids, remove peroxide, reduce cholesterol and fat content in the blood, thereby reducing blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, and reduce the retention time of fat in the blood vessels. In turn, the nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood flows unimpeded to the brain, heart and other organs. The Department of Food Nutrition of Keio University School of Medicine in Japan has done clinical experiments, and concluded that by taking lecithin, it can effectively reduce excessive blood lipids and cholesterol, and then prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis and other diseases.
3, brain health, prevention of senile dementia
Lecithin can provide sufficient nourishment for brain nerve cells, speed up the transmission of information between brain nerves, thereby improving brain vitality, eliminating brain fatigue, making brain thinking agile, and improving learning and work efficiency. Lecithin in the repair of damaged brain cells, open up the barrier between the brain and blood circulation at the same time, can maintain the normal function of brain nerve cells, and enhance the function of the brain nervous system, and thus achieve the effect of preventing Alzheimer's disease.
4. Protector of the liver
Heavy drinking or excess nutrition can increase the burden of liver cells and reduce the liver's ability to synthesize phospholipids. When the phospholipid choline is insufficient in the human body, it will lead to a large accumulation of fat in the liver, forming a fatty liver, so that liver cells are destroyed, liver function is reduced, causing cirrhosis and even liver cancer. It has been scientifically proved that feeding lecithin can enhance the metabolism of liver cells, promote fat degradation, protect the liver, prevent fatty liver and other diseases.
5. Nutrition for diabetic people
Lecithin can enhance the function of the pancreas, repair the pancreatic cells, so that they secrete sufficient, reduce blood sugar, and effectively transport glucose in the blood to the cells, thereby reducing diabetes.
6, the main components of the biofilm
It is an indispensable basic substance of the human body
Lecithin can promote mental conduction, improve brain vitality, and because of its good emulsification, it can effectively prevent cholesterol from settling in the blood vessel wall and remove part of the sediment, thus playing a role in reducing serum cholesterol, reducing blood viscosity, promoting blood circulation, and preventing cardiovascular disease. Therefore, regular consumption of products containing soy soft phospholipids can effectively regulate blood lipids and cholesterol, improve brain function, improve memory, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases.
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Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98%
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Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98% Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98%
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Fod Grade Soybean Lecithin Soybean Lecithin 98%

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