Long-Range Detection and Early-Warning Radar

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
ASR -216X-1X5K-3D
Detection Speed
0.5m/ S -83m/ S
Elevation Accuracy
0.3 Degree (Searching) ; 0.3 Degree( Tracking )
Azimuth Accuracy
1.0 Degree (Searching) ; 0.5 Degree( Tracking )
Transport Package
Aluminium Alloy Package
812mm 370mm 638mm
Production Capacity

Product Description

Border and Coastal Defense Radar ASR216X-1X5K-3D
3D X Band Pulse Doppler Radar

The border and coastal defense radar mainly consists of one radar array and one turntable , used for pedestrians , vehicles , drones in key areas such as border airports , as well as for maritime defense , achieving zone 30 control and providing target orientation , distance , altitude , and speed .


Active Phased Array Radar
Adopting advanced active phase control system to enhance the detection effect of radar

DBF Technology
DBF technology can improve anti - interference ability by transmitting multi beam technology

High real - time, high - precision, and multifunctional
Capable of maintaining high - precision tracking for long - range detection targets, providing effective judgment basis for border defense soldiers

Detection range:
≥5.0km (Drone)
≥8.0km (Pedestrian)
≥10.0km (Vehicle)
≥15.0km (Vessel)
Working system  Phased Array control system
( Azimuth machine scanning + Elevation phase scanning )
Frequency band  X band
 Detection range ≥5.0km( Civil drone )
>8.0km( Pedestrian )
>10.0km( Vehicle )
>15.0km( Vessel )
 Detection speed 0.5m/ s -83m/ s
 Azimuth accuracy ≤0.3( Searching );≤0.3*( Tracking )
 Elevation accuracy ≤1.0°( Searching );≤0.5°( Tracking )
 Data rate ≤5s/ Circle
 Date interface RJ45/1- way 100 Gigabyte Ethernet
 Power supply ≤250W( Power consumption )AC220V( Input )
 Working temperature -40° C ~60ºC
 Weight ≤26Kg

 Long-Range Detection and Early-Warning RadarLong-Range Detection and Early-Warning RadarLong-Range Detection and Early-Warning Radar

Long-Range Detection and Early-Warning Radar

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