Trolley Jammer High Power Anti Drone Mobilephone Signal Blocker

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Antenna Gain
Transport Package
Safe Case Packing
626 mm(L)× 49.2mm(W)× 350mm(H)
Production Capacity

Product Description

Trolley Jammer High Power Anti Drone Mobilephone Signal Blocker
Trolley Jammer High Power Anti Drone Mobilephone Signal Blocker
Trolley Jammer High Power Anti Drone Mobilephone Signal Blocker

1. Application Sites
This high-power portable trolley box type frequency jammer can be used in various application sites such as UAV no-fly-zones, luxury houses, scenic spots, oil stations (depots), power systems security of important leaders/VIP guests, individual operations, SWAT teams, explosive-disposal teams, anti-terrorist units, anti-drug units, explosion-proof teams, security inspection stations, administrative law enforcement, hostage negotiations, border control, security forces and other application sites like that.Host Size (Length, width and thickness): 620 x 500 x 350 mm;
Antenna Size: 760mm in length, 35mm in diameter;

2. Technical Parameters   
Trolley Jammer High Power Anti Drone Mobilephone Signal Blocker
Customizable solution:
Optional frequency: 20M-6000M
Coverage: wireless shaker, intercom, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mobile communication phone, GPS, UAV, etc..
Optional distance: 1-3km/3-8km
Optional module: direction finding/whitelist/precision strike
Power supply mode: built-in battery/external power supply
Equipment weight: 40Kg

Features: long-range detection, identification of friend and foe, early warning lateral, precise strike
Advantages: easy to transport, high integration, fast deployment, strong application
1. Highly integrated design: detection, early warning and strike
All-in-one integrated design, with functions such as detection, strike, calculation, etc. The built-in battery can be disconnected from the network. It is suitable for a variety of rapid response needs, flexible and rapid deployment and dynamic and efficient prevention and control.
2. Easy to transport and carry
The appearance of the wheeled trolley case can be pulled together with the car and the person will go immediately, not afraid of emergencies and defense blanks, the transportation is simple and convenient, and personal carrying is easy




20-500MHz 100W
869-894/925-960MHz: 100W
1570-1580MHz: 100W
1850-1920MHz : 100W
2110-2170MHz: 100W
2400-2485MHz: 100W
2515-2675MHz: 100W
5725-5850MHz: 50W
Cover Most Commercial Used Drones / UAVs
Most professional Drones/UAVs (Distance 1-3Km) use 2.4GHz for Remote Control systems like DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced Series, Inspire Series...
Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel, Max Output Power to 750 (OFF)
100% Safe VSWR over protection (Isolator) for each modular
Power Supply: AC adapter (AC 220V-DC 27V or 24V/45 Amp) or External Battery
Jamming Range: 1000-3000 meters
3000-8000 Meters Higher Gain Directional Antennas
Stand-alone modular design and individual power control.
Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel
VSWR over protection for each modular.
Working status indicator for each band modular.
Designed to cut off down-link only, it doesn't have Interference to the base station and repeater.
Dimension:626 mm(L)×49.2mm(W)× 350mm(H)
Weight:45 Kg (approximately) just the main unit not including the antenna & all accessories
Operating temperature:-20ºC~ +60ºC
Humidity: 5% ~ 90%
Antennas Spec 20-500Mhz: Omni 3dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  850-960Mhz: Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  1570-1580MHz:Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  1800-1950Mhz: Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  2100-2200Mhz: Omni 5dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  2400-2500Mhz: Omni 7dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  2500-2700Mhz: Omni 7dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
  5.8GHz : Omni 12dBi, 650mm, 0.8Kg
External Battery B-50AH  27V/50AH LiFePo4 Battery
  Pelican Case 1520, 40kg Weight
  Work 1-2 hours
Warranty: 1 year

Packing list for the whole machine
NO Name Model Quantity Unit
1 Trolley Host   1 Taiwan
2 Fiberglass omnidirectional antenna   7 Root
3 220V AC power cord 1.8m 1 Root
4 Remote in-line control box   1 individual
5 Wire control box line 2m 1 Root

  Trolley Jammer High Power Anti Drone Mobilephone Signal Blocker

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