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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Detection Range
Defense Range
Simultaneous Detection
Over 30 Drones
Transport Package
Wooden or Carton

Product Description

10km long Distance RF Detector Spectrum Search All Frequency 300MHz~6GHz  Anti Uav System Drone Detector Anti Drone Detection

Use cognitive radio protocol reverse parsing technology which uses radio spectrum sensing technology (similar to the feature extraction of viruses by Internet antivirus software) to extract UAV communication signals (mainly remote control and image transmission signals) from background noise and conduct in-depth reverse parsing of them.

Through offline analysis of UAV communication protocols and extraction of features (electronic fingerprint ID), including but not limited to channel distribution, modulation scheme, coding scheme, pilot sequence, synchronization sequence, link layer structure, etc. Based on the above analysis results, a UAV detection database is formed, and matching is detected in real time in the actual radio environment. Finally, features are applied to real-time detection (feature fast matching recognition) and precise strike (distinguishing different UAVs for strike) of UAVs

Technical features:
1.    The detection sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and accuracy are far superior to traditional spectral energy sensing methods

2.    Demodulate the physical layer and link layer information, extract the unique identification information of the drone (electronic fingerprint, i.e., the drone ID number displayed on the software interface), and use it to accurately identify the drone, thereby achieving functions such as same-frequency discrimination and black-and-white list;

3.    Find weak parts in the frame structure, such as pilot signals for channel estimation, synchronous reference signals for frame synchronization, and obtain accurate and efficient interference effects by interfering with these reference signals;

4.    High precision synchronous frame structure, acquiring signal frame timestamp, phase, and coherent power for use in orientation and positioning systems;

5.    For certain communication protocols, it is possible to synchronously transmit fake physical layer frame structures to mislead the target drone (i.e., achieve drone takeover)

Main function
Passive Detection: Passively receives signals, does not emit any electromagnetic signals, able to detect drone model and its electronic fingerprint

Direction Finding Accuracy: Accurately determine the UAV's intrusion direction and indicate the target

Identification Accuracy: Accurately identify different drones of the same brand, same model, and same frequency band

Precise Defense: Designate to jam any one of the two drones

Full-autonomy Mode24-hour automatic detection and alarm, no need of personnel on duty

Combined Defense: combination of narrowband, frequency hopping, low-power precise defense and wideband high-power jamming;

Black & White List: Able to mark the drone into black and white list with a single click, and the white list drone does not alarm

Model Library: Support all DJI models, mainstream brands, DIY drones. Cover more than 98% of drone models on the market



Passive detection
Support Frequencies 30MHz-6GHz Full band scanning, detection, display
Detection Rang 3km         5km       10km+   optical
Detection Sensitivity ≥ -95dBm(25kHz)
Direction Finding Accuracy Moving ≤ 10°, Hovering ≤ 3°
Direction Directivity 360° Omnidirectional
Adaptable communication modulation method FM, 2FSK, 4FSK, GFSK, MSK, BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, OFDM, DSSS, FHSS
Simultaneous Detection ≥30 Drones
Equipment Specification Dimensions 450*350*200mm (length×Width×Thickness)
Weight15 15kg

UAC deface command and control system
this system support over 3set our UAC detection or jammer device to assembly a unified command system such as below
2024 Factory Uav Defense Anti Uav Drone Detection Price
2024 Factory Uav Defense Anti Uav Drone Detection Price


SIngles product Operation Interface
2024 Factory Uav Defense Anti Uav Drone Detection Price
Perfectly record the trajectory of the drone

2024 Factory Uav Defense Anti Uav Drone Detection Price 2024 Factory Uav Defense Anti Uav Drone Detection Price
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2024 Factory Uav Defense Anti Uav Drone Detection Price

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