Anti-Drone 5km Detection Alarm System Detect Full Bands Drone Detector with Direction Finding Uav Identification and Tracking

Get the ultimate protection with our Anti-Drone 5km Detection Alarm System. Our factory-direct product offers full bands detection, direction finding, UAV identification, and tracking capabilities.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
DF series
Detection Distance
Direction Finding
IP Level
Power Supply
110V to 220V
Transport Package
Air Box
one to two air box
HS Code
Production Capacity
100 Sets/Month

Product Description

Product Description

The UAV detection system is a low altitude security system that uses cognitive radio Protocol Cracking (CRPC) technology to solve the detection, identification and positioning of domestic and foreign civil UAVs. The system can passively detect, accurately identify, distinguish between friend and foe, and provide early warning and prediction for unmanned aerial vehicles in protected areas (with optional direction finding functions as needed). It can be used for low altitude security defense in airports, prisons, important industrial facility bases, sports venues, and major event venues.
CRPC technology is the fourth generation UAV defense method. This technical means monitors the radio environment in the defense area through the antenna array, collects radio signals in the defense area 24 hours a day, transmits the collected signals to the signal processing unit, accurately demodulates and decodes the UAV signals, and then transmits the analyzed UAV signals to the data server through the network, The data server manages the received drone signals uniformly, detects and alerts the "black flying" drones, and manages the drone black and white list based on the electronic fingerprint ID.

Detailed Photos

Anti-Drone 5km Detection Alarm System Detect Full Bands Drone Detector with Direction Finding Uav Identification and Tracking

Product Parameters
Item Specification
Passive Detection Detection Frequency Range: 70mHz to 6gHz
Main bands 2.4G5.8G, 433M, 900M, 1.4G, 5.2G
Detection Range 5km (target with DJI Mavic 2)
Direction Finding Accuracy 3°Hovering       10°Moving

Note:The detection range is the recognition distance, and the detection  performances are values under typical working conditions in open and unobstructed conditions.

 Product Function

Module Description
Passive detection The system only passively receives and does not emit any electromagnetic signals, and can detect the drone model and its electronic fingerprint
Dead Angle Free Detection Can accurately determine the direction of the drone to indicate the target
Accurate recognition Can accurately identify different drones of the same brand, model, and frequency band
Defense /
Black & White List The black and white list can be marked with one click, and the black-flying drones can be attacked, and the white-listed drones will not be interfered.
Full model library Supports the full range of DJI, mainstream brands in the market and DIY drones, covering more than 98% of mainstream models in the market.

 Working Environment

Item Specification
Operating temperature -40ºC~+70ºC
Operating Humidity W95%
Atmospheric pressure 86kPa to 106kPa
Rated voltage 220V±22V AC50Hz±lHz/60Hz±lHz

Stable Characteristics

Item Specification
Shell Protection IP65
Continuously working Unlimited
Technical standard Meet the requirements specified in 5.10 of GJB 6724-2009

RF Characteristics

Contents Data
Receiving Sensitivity 2.4G  ≤ -95dBm
5.8G  ≤ -95dBm
Others ≤ -95dBm
Receiving bands supports 70MHz to 6000MHz
Detection Airspace 360° full range
Allowable radiant intensity of environmental electromagnetic wave GB8702-2014 Requirements of Electromagnetic Environment Control Limits
Detection mode Panoramic scanning, Channel scanning
Working time 24H*365D
Packaging & Shipping

Each main spare part into air box. Can deliver directly with air box, or adding additional wooden package.

Delivery means:  By Express / Air / Sea.
Anti-Drone 5km Detection Alarm System Detect Full Bands Drone Detector with Direction Finding Uav Identification and TrackingAnti-Drone 5km Detection Alarm System Detect Full Bands Drone Detector with Direction Finding Uav Identification and Tracking

Company Profile
Our company offers a wide range of advanced anti-UAV products for early detection, identification and tracking of UAVs, assessment of level of threat and adequate response actions including drone counteraction and neutralization. Counter-UAV products supplied by our company can be used separately or as part of complex integrated Anti-UAV defence systems, which is highly recommended for assuring complete and reliable protection.

We help our customers to choose the most appropriate anti-drone products based on clients´ requirements and type and size of location or facility that has to be protected. We are constantly searching for new anti-drone technologies to enhance our list of anti-drone products.
Anti-Drone 5km Detection Alarm System Detect Full Bands Drone Detector with Direction Finding Uav Identification and Tracking

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1> Our supply is enough to meet the needs of customers, and a variety of UAV defense solutions can meet the needs of most people.
2> Here you can buy the drone detection/countermeasure system you are interested in, and customers can enjoy the long-term technical consulting service of our company.
3> We offer the OEM/ODM services for our products meet your special needs.
4> We offer instant service with new drone detection adding service, and software team keeps on increasing drones that can support to detect.
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6> We will provide best after sale service for the customers. You are welcomed to visit our factory and have some training for the operation. Anyway, we will try our best to meet your requirements.
7> We can help you to pass your official certifications.

After Sales Service

1>Factory training and remote training on installation and operation.
2>1 year remote software upgrade and long term remote troubleshooting.
3> 7*24H contact for support.
4> Engineering team support for unrecognized drone adding when require.
5> Customization and future customization after usage.

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