Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000

Explore our factory's Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000 for advanced surveillance and monitoring. Experience cutting-edge technology today.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Antenna Sector Scanning Range
0-360 Degree
Antenna Scanning Speed
30°/S , 60°/S , 90°/S
Pitch Beam Width
0-40 Degree
Work Time
Working 24 Hours/365days Continuously.
Minimum Detection Distance
≤ 240m
Detection Range
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000 Piece/Year

Product Description


This system for all radio communication within 20-6000 MHZ band signal is a quick scan search, through the comparison, threshold judgment and selection and analysis of the target signal parameters measurement and decoding, synchronization output signal interference to guide, to control the power interference device, dynamically adjust the transmission frequency and transmission power, makes the interference equipment can accurately on the source, concentration of power, efficient interference suppression of the communication, the communication failure.
Product characteristics:

1) All-Space Three-coordinate Detection
All-day, all-weather and large-scale regional reconnaissance and surveillance can effectively acquire the azimuth, distance and altitude (pitch angle) three-dimensional position information of surrounding aircraft and birds, which has the characteristics of long detection distance and high data rate.

2) Target tracking and guidance
The radar can not only realize the search and detection of the surrounding targets, but also report the information of the detected targets. It can also guide high-precision angular measurement equipment according to the user's choice of high-speed tracking target. 64 targets can be tracked at the same time, and the position coordinates of the targets can be updated regularly.

3) Strong recognition ability
Radar uses automatic target classification and recognition. It can detect and recognize small targets at low altitude (personnel, vehicles, small UAV, helicopters, birds), and the recognition probability is more than 80%.

4) Strong adaptability
It can meet the needs of target detection in plateau, mountain, hilly and other complex environments. At the same time, the target information can be real-time output to the operator, or through communication equipment, reported to other equipment to complete the target information guidance.
   Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000
Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000
Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000
Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000
Drone Radar Detection Tracking System Wt-R5000


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